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Strip Eyelashes | False Eyelashes

Ms. Mink Lashes Reviews - Los Angeles Mink Lashes

Duration: 1-3 day(s)

Style Versatility: Multiple Ready-made Styles

Styling Time: approx. 5-10 minutes

$20+ Strip Eyelash Extensions or False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes, or Strips is a very temporary lash look, that can be applied within minutes. Strip Eyelashes range from super thin and short to extremely long and thick, they also can be found in crazy, but fascinating colors and designs for party’s, holiday’s, and events. We apply synthetic or mink false eyelashes, with a medical grade, professional lash adhesive.

False Eyelashes Additional Info:

  • Easily change your look from blah to voila
  • Quick application and Removal time (Just a few seconds/ minutes)
  • It’s a very small investment for the false eyelash service
  • Temporary look, so they are great for special occasions, events, and parties
  • False Eyelashes last for most just 24 hours (depending on activities you participate in i.e. exercising, dancing, bad sleeping habits, eye lash picking or rubbing, hot showers, wetting your eyes, crying and etc.) but when a lash technician applies them with their medical grade adhesive they are more secure and have a better stay of 1-3 days with great care.
  • The false eyelash base is visible so a dark liquid liner may be used to hide the false eyelash.

Flare Individual Lashes

Individual Flare Lashes

Duration: 5-10 Days

Style Versatility: Several Styles Available (You Can Get These Styles Only From Us)

Styling Time: approx. 20-45mins  

$75 (New Customer Price: $35) Fan/ Flare Lashes

Our natural flare lashes are individual lash pieces of 3-12 lash strands attached together by a small base. The flares are available in 7 different lengths,ranging from 6-14 and 3 different styles. We choose the best style for you, depending on the look and fullness that you desire. We apply the eyelashes in a very discreet way that will allow the lash base to remain hidden.

Flare Lashes Additional Info:

  • We don’t recommend our clients to wear these over 2 weeks
  • You don’t get refills. The fan lashes must be removed, and a new set applied
  • You can easily remove these lashes using oil.
  • Cheaper than Individual Eyelashes and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions
  • Shorter application time than Individual Eyelashes and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions
  • Quick Voluminous Looks
  • Last longer than False Eyelashes / Strip Eyelash Extensions
  • Limited custom ability, unless you get this service done by us.


*Flare Eyelashes may be able to give you the same look as Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, but are not to be used for Russian Volume Eyelash services.

Eyelash Extensions (one to one)


Duration: 6-8 weeks

Style Versatility: Custom Styles Limited by Volume

Styling Time: approx. 2 hrs.  

$250- Full Set $150 – Partial Natural Set (Discounted Price: $60+) Eyelash Extensions

We have a team of very skilled certified lash technicians / licensed cosmetologist that will apply your lash extensions using an 1:1 or lash-to-lash technique. We are able to create custom looks using multiple curl patterns, thicknesses, and lengths. The only limitation on the classic individual eyelash extensions is not being able to create super full looks, because the fullness is based on the number of natural eyelashes that you have per eye.

Eyelash Extensions Additional Info:

  • Eyelashes can last 6 to 8 weeks
  • Replicate your natural eyelashes, so that they’ll appear to be completely natural
  • Eyelash Extensions shed 1 by 1 with your natural lashes
  • Refills are needed every 2-3 weeks to maintain the flawless appearance of your eyelash extensions
  • Individual Eyelash Extensions have an 1-2 hour application time

Hybrid & Volume Eyelash Extensions


Duration: 6-8 weeks

Style Versatility: Custom Styles

Styling Time: approx. 2 -3.5hrs.  

 $300+ (Discounted Price: $199+)  2D-6D Russian Volume Lashes | Hybrid $275

If you desire to add fullness/ volume versus just adding length, than this volume eyelash extension technique would be perfect for you. Using the Russian Volume Eyelash Extension method we use a much lighter eyelash, compared to the classic eyelash extensions. And, because the eyelash is very light-weight, we are able to add more than one lash per single eyelash (between two to six, referred to as 2D – 6D). Our Russian Volume Lashes will make your eyelashes appear fuller for longer, because refills/ infills are normally required every 4-6 weeks.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Additional Info:

  • Volume lashes bring admirable amounts of attention to the face, particularly the eyes
  • We are able to add 200+ eyelashes per eye
  • You get glamorous natural-looking length and volume
  • We are able to fill in lash spaces on eyes with naturally sparse lashes
  • Thinner lashes are used so they flex more easily and place less strain on the natural lash
  • Several (xD) false eyelashes shed per natural eyelash that sheds, so infills/ refills are a must to avoid noticeable spaces