Prices Do Not Include the Cost of Hair

Hair Weft Extensions

$135+ Hair Weft Sew-in Extensions

Sew-in extensions is a very popular method, which is also referred to as a weave, given it’s a woven hair application. We use several different braiding patterns/ designs to customize an undetectable look for the best natural appearing hair extension installation. We use top quality materials and tools, and our platform of braids are very flat, and the extensions are sewn using our anti-slip method.

$150+ Micro Link Weft Extensions (Braidless and Sew free) 

Micro Link Weft Extensions is an hair weft, extension method that is applied without the use of braids, or needle and thread. This is the perfect technique for all hair types, and doesn’t cause any stress on your natural hair. Many of our clients love the Micro Link Weft Extensions, because they can last up to 6 months. However, they should be re-secured closer to the scalp every 8-10 weeks. Failure to have your extensions re-secured will allow your hair to overgrow, which can cause tangles, damage, and breakage.

$185+ Braidless Sew-in Hair Extensions |Micro Link Weft Extensions

Our braidless sew-in extensions are perfect for anyone who would like to transfer over to a sew-in method that is very flat to your scalp, and doesn’t require the use of braids. The best thing about our braidless sew-in extensions, is that they are quick, easy, pain free, and completely undetectable.

Duration: 2-3 months (Maintenances are Required)

Style Versatility: Medium Depending on Placement

Styling Time: 1-3 hrs. 

Micro Bead Hair Extensions

$350+ Micro Bead Hair Extensions | Micro Loop Extensions

Our Micro Bead Hair Extension technique appears to be very natural and is not entirely heavy for your hair. The Micro Bead Hair Extensions are very similar to thermal bonding, except the hair extensions are applied without the use of any keratin. We safely secure our clients hair into a bead or ring along with the individual hair extension strands to give an undetectable, flawless finish. 

Duration: 6 months (occasionally longer with extreme care)

It’s recommend that you visit every 6 to 8 weeks while you have your extensions

Style Versatility: High

Styling Time: 2.5-8 hrs.

Fusion Hair Extensions

$375+ Fusion Hair Extensions | Balmain Fill-in Extensions | Pre-tipped Fusions

Fusion refers to a bonding technique, that fuses the extension to your hair using high quality keratin. Our fusion technique is used with individual strands of extensions, that are applied to very small (even in weight) sections of your natural hair. We use a specialized hot tool to soften a pre-bonded keratin tip, or use a pot of melted keratin and apply it to bulk hair. Our Fusion hair extensions are considered permanent, because of the long lasting result.

Duration: 4-6 months

Style Versatility: High (Unlimited)

Styling Time: 4+ hrs.

UK Double Hair Extensions

$545+ Balmain Double Hair Extensions

The Balmain Double Hair Extensions is a combination of a weft and Fusion Hair Extension Method. But, we do offer this technique using the Micro Link Extension method, instead of the Fusion. The Double Weft Hair Extensions application method is ideal for length and thickness and is applied faster and is less expensive than other full fusion methods.

It may last up to two months, and if done with silicone lined locs, it can be tightened with maintenance and the hair can be reused.

Duration: After the initial application, the extensions are moved up every 5-7 weeks

Style Versatility: Depends on the Positioning

Styling Time: 1-2 hrs.  Reapplications are 30 minutes to 1.5 hours

*Double Hair Brand is by Balmain The Extensions are re-useable, and the hair quality is guaranteed by Balmain for 6 months.

Glueless Strand-by-Strand | Brazilian Knots Hair Extensions

$375+ Brazilian Knot Extensions | Threading Hair Extensions

Our Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions technique is very similar to Micro-crochets, Fusion Extensions, and Micro Bead Extensions, in terms of its individual application method and flexible styling.The creation of this style simply involves a technique of safely securing an elastic thread around a very small section of your natural hair and loose bulk hair.

Unlike the ready- made hot/cold fusion and micro-crochet technique, this particular install provides you the freedom of selecting any type of hair you wish to use, as it is created, with traditional bulk hair.

Duration: 4-6 months

Style Versatility: Unlimited

Styling Time:- 5-8 hrs

Tape-in and Seamless Skin Hair Extensions

$600+ Tape-in Hair Extensions

Our seamless tape extensions are very light-weight, flexible and see-through( your natural scalp is completely visible). And, because we apply the seamless tape extensions directly to your hair, (near, but not directly on your scalp), there isn’t a need for braids or clips. With this technique you are able to part your hair creatively and pull your locks into partial and full updos without the fear of fully exposing your extensions!

Duration: 4-8 Weeks

Style Versatility: Low Depends on Placement

Styling Time: 60-240

Clip-in Hair Extensions

$95+ Clip-in Hair Extensions

 Our clip-in extension technique is the least permanent, and quickest solution for anyone wanting longer and fuller hair in the snap of your fingers. This clip-in extension method is very effective in giving you your desired look without the disadvantages of long application time, nor having to wear the extensions for long periods of time. Clip-in hair extensions are extremely temporary and shouldn’t be worn every day(Remove before bed), nor should they be applied in the same exact areas. 

Duration: 1 Day, but can be Reapplied Daily

Style Versatility: Low Depends on Placement

Styling Time: 20-60 minutes